Floor Cleaning Services

The first impression, if made good, makes way to an excellent last impression. But you do not have to worry about the first impression, let your floor do it for you. A vibrantly sparkling floor gives an elite touch to your building and the visitors, at the first sight, get moved by the place.

Believing the very fact, Clean Wanted has been providing residential and commercial floor cleaning services for years and has been outshining the industry by the virtue of the expertise of its staff, their professionalism, and dedication to the work.    

Innovation in our Cleaning

We believe in moving with the changing trends. Thus, we bear in mind every new procedure, technique, or technological advancement introduced in the market.

Moreover, our senior staff remains busy devising the most effective methods of cleaning and we welcome the opinion from every staff member. Thus, we keep on evolving and grooming which makes us the most innovative group of cleaners in the industry.

We remove dirt, grease, hard stains, and sticky materials out of the floor by using some appliances like vacuum cleaners, steam mops, electric brooms, and mini vacuum machines, etc. to name a few.   

What Kind of Floors do we deal in?

We will clean any kind of floor for you. We don’t just say it. We have proven ourselves to be the best whether it was hardwood floors cleaning or carpet cleaning. Some of the examples of our floor cleaning are polishing and cleaning tiles and marble, carpet flooring, ceramic flooring, asphalt and linoleum flooring, and many more.

Why are our floor care services more effective? 

Clean Wanted is very specific about using the right material over the right type of flooring. Not just that, every chemical, material, or machine used on the floor is tested before applying and approved by the most senior experts.

Our team starts working by inspecting the floor for checking the following things

  • Which material is used in its making

  • For how long it is not cleaned

  • What kind of material is making it dirty, cruddy, or contaminated (for example, whether it is grease, grit, rust, or any other thing)

  • What detergents or chemicals can be used and will be most effective

  • What machines or tools can be used

These things count in the planning session in which the whole team decides the pattern and content of work.

Once it is done, the actual process is carried out by experts of the field and still under the supervision of most senior staff. Small tools are used to reach the corners and crevices of the tiles.

As we make sure that every particular thing about the cleaning is taken into account beforehand and every process is carried out by the specialists of the area, we present one of the most effective services. 

Why is Clean Wanted the best cleaner for floors?

  • Clean Wanted floor cleaning provides double the protection, glamour, and durability to the floor as compared to normal floor cleaning.  

  • It kills harmful microbes, viruses, etc. and makes the floor safe for children and other inhabitants.

  • It uses effective yet safe methods to clean the floor and extract dirt out of the smallest grooves and corners.

  • It makes a protective covering over the floor making it dirt repellant and disinfected for many days.

  • It tests all the methods making sure they do not affect or damage the flooring and are suitable to be used at that place.

  • It uses innovative machines and tools to clean every type of floor.

  • Its staff is trained and updated with the new trends regularly and has passed through many testing processes before selection.